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Twin Cities Live: Why Preventative Care is Important for Women at Every Age

Be the best you in 2022! January resolutions often center around personal goals: eating well, exercising more, improving sleep habits…but what about preventative care? If you’re not including regular checkups in your to-dos, consider how important it can be to identify and maybe even stop a health problem early. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to keep on top of your health screenings.

Be Well Recap

  • In this episode: Annelise S. Swigert, MD talks about preventative care.
  • The best way to stay healthy is preventative care: cancer screenings, health and mental health screenings, understanding the stage of life you’re in and what’s normal and what’s not
  • Regular health screenings can identify problems early: cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, and more
  • Once menstruation begins, many girls will switch from a pediatrician to an ObGyn clinic
  • Depending on personal health histories and risk factors, cervical cancer screenings begin at age 21; mammograms begin at age 45, colonoscopies begin at age 45



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