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Twin Cities Live: All The Changes During Pregnancy and Perimenopause

Building a relationship with a trusted provider is essential to your health but especially during major life changes for women. Pregnancy and perimenopause are two of those major life events. Knowledge of these life changes has changed drastically with the increased use of the internet and social media. Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert talks about the benefits of it while also discussing how it has increased the myths that circulate.

Be Well Recap – Pregnancy:

  • Many patients are coming in very prepared with more knowledge and understanding of pregnancy and getting pregnant than ever before. While it is great to do your own research some of the information is not 100% true. Working with your trusted provider ensures that you understand the information and how it can benefit you.
  • Myth or Fact: I should not eat sushi while I’m pregnant. (Answer: Watch to find out)
  • Myth or Fact: I can’t eat brie while pregnant. (Answer: Watch to find out)

Be Well Recap – Perimenopause:

  • The increased access to information has opened up the conversations and destigmatized the discussion regarding menopause.
  • Perimenopause is the time leading up to being in menopause and having a trusted provider guiding you through helps to decrease the anxiety and stress of this time which can increase symptoms. We have perimenopause workshops and educate patients during Menopause Mondays on what they can do to help themselves.
  • A lot of women become frustrated because they don’t feel the same. They want to know why and what the symptoms of perimenopause mean as well as how to cope with them.

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