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Twin Cities Live: When Should ObGyn Visits Start?

Going to the ObGyn for the first time can feel like a scary event for teen girls but it doesn’t have to be. We work with you to set up a consultation where we just talk and get to know one another. The first visit is more about education than procedures to make sure that you get your questions answered and feel comfortable. Finding a provider that you can trust is the first start in focusing on your own healthcare.

Be Well Recap:

  • The first visit is just an introduction or a get to know you.
  • Education for teenage girls is key.
  • Some patients choose to come with a parent or friend but it’s good to have time alone with the patient to give them a safe space to discuss anything they may wish.
  • We are a confidential, supportive healthcare provider where you can get any questions answered and know that you are valued, trusted and respected.
  • The onset of your period is a big life event. Knowing what to expect before a teen’s first period decreases the anxiety, fear and misinformation they encounter.
  • There are many myths – ensure that teens are getting accurate and resources that fit their needs.
  • Birth control is a top that is covered to understand the options that are available when or if they need it.
  • The best time to start seeing an obgyn is for sure before going to college ages 16-18 but some may come earlier for assistance with their periods or other healthcare needs.
  • We empower teenage girls to have the resources, tools and knowledge that they need and desire in a safe, educational space.


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