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Teen Talk: An Important Step for College Prep

If you have a daughter headed to college in the fall, you are most likely beginning to prepare for her send off. Amid the Costco and Target runs, be sure to include a stop at one of our Southdale ObGyn clinics for a teen health exam.

Leaving for college typically means your daughter is traveling miles away from the healthcare she is accustomed to. It also marks the beginning of new life experiences for college freshman that you’ve most likely discussed. Your medical provider can be a valuable part of that discussion through education and frank conversations that are sometimes difficult coming from their parents.

An exam prior to leaving the nest will assure that your daughter’s ready both inside and out. It might also give you some piece of mind.

Schedule her appointment now and remember that August books up fast!

Call our appointment line at 952-920-7001 to schedule in our Edina or Burnsville office or book through the patient portal.