Twin Cities Live: Why Preventative Care is Important for Women at Every Age

Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert on Twin Cities Live

Be the best you in 2022! January resolutions often center around personal goals: eating well, exercising more, improving sleep habits…but what about preventative care? If you’re not including regular checkups in your to-dos, consider how important it can be to identify and maybe even stop a health problem early. One of the best ways to

Twin Cities Live: Minimally Invasive Surgery

Does the thought of surgery make you anxious? You’re not alone there, but with Southdale’s minimally invasive surgery, there are a lot of options that will get you in, out, and back home the same day. These procedures are safe and provide a better experience for patients. Be Well Recap In this episode: Annelise S.

Be Well with Twin Cities Live: All About Perimenopause

Perimenopause is defined as the years when a woman’s hormones begin to fluctuate, causing hormonal “surges and valleys” and with that, a whole lot of potential symptoms. These symptoms can be managed both naturally and with the help of your healthcare provider. Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert answers common questions about perimenopause. Be Well Recap All

Be Well with Twin Cities Live: Answering Viewers Women’s Health Questions

Dr. Annelisa Skor Swigert on the set of Twin Cities Live
Every woman is unique and so is her healthcare. Women experience many changes throughout their life: puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause and more. Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert answers the questions you have about your health for every stage of life. Be Well Recap Women's Health: A pap smear only screens for cervical cancer (Watch to find out

Twin Cities Live: All The Changes During Pregnancy and Perimenopause

dr. annelise swigert twin cities live
Building a relationship with a trusted provider is essential to your health but especially during major life changes for women. Pregnancy and perimenopause are two of those major life events. Knowledge of these life changes has changed drastically with the increased use of the internet and social media. Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert talks about the