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ERin Ignatowicz with her husband and daughter standing in front of a fountain

Erin Ignatowicz

“Dr. Curran immediately set me at ease.”

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We’re not doing that!

Erin Ignatowicz remembers feeling “raw and emotional” when she first came to Southdale ObGyn at age 21. And for good reason: A doctor at another clinic had warned she might have to lose an ovary because of her endometriosis.

But just five minutes with Dr. David Curran changed all that.

“He said to me: ‘You’re young. You’re healthy. And we’re not doing that!’ ” says Erin. “Dr. Curran immediately set me at ease.”

Dr. Curran also made Erin’s life easier through surgery, through which he relieved her of ovarian cyst pain and confirmed the original endometriosis diagnosis.

Fast-forward four years. Erin was married to Peter, eager to start a family, and worried that she might not be able to conceive. Each quarter, she alternately saw Dr. Anne Meschke (“the sweetest person ever, with a big heart”) and Dr. Curran. Erin fondly remembers Dr. Curran’s proclamation: “I’ve got kids going to college, I’m not retiring anytime soon, and I’m going to see you have a baby!”

After a year of trying to get pregnant, Erin scheduled an infertility consultation. But just three days later, “my usual ‘OK-you’re-not-pregnant-just-move-on’ pregnancy test turned out to be positive!”

When Erin and Peter met with midwives Jana Flesher and Niki Dishong, they became even greater fans of Southdale ObGyn. “We especially appreciated how they made Peter feel welcome at every appointment and during labor and delivery,” says Erin. “Jana is the most calming presence you’ll ever be around, and Niki is the best friend you’ve had since you were a kid.”

Erin and Peter’s daughter, Violet Lynne, was delivered by Midwife Flesher on October 12, 2016. And despite having previously undergone breast reduction surgery, Erin was able to breastfeed Violet for six months — a success she says had much to do with the doctors’ and midwives’ expert guidance and support.

As a radiologic technologist, Erin says she knows what it’s like to work in a busy healthcare environment. “I know the people at Southdale ObGyn see hundreds of people a week,” she says. “But they always remember you, always have smiles on their faces, and are always respectful and super professional. They’re all phenomenal.”

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