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Kaisa Schmitz

“We felt that our wishes and goals were just as important as his.”

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The Power of Teamwork

Kaisa Schmitz’s pregnancy had been completely normal. So at 39 weeks, Dr. Jon Jaqua’s words were completely unexpected when he said, “We have to induce…today…. now.” Kaisa said “My husband was speechless. I started crying. We were blown away.”

Kaisa knew she’d measured a bit small for the previous few weeks, but the ultrasound confirmed a critical situation: IUGR — Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Kaisa’s baby was very small and there was insufficient amniotic fluid so she and her husband were given two hours to go home, pack and report to Fairview Ridges for labor induction.

“I had never met Dr. Jaqua before that day,” Kaisa said. “But I feel so blessed to have been scheduled with him that afternoon of our ultrasound.”  Kaisa was first impressed by Dr. Jaqua’s knowledge and his ability to communicate. “During that first visit in the hospital, he answered every one of our questions,”she said. “We were so nervous about our baby not being whole, mentally and physically. I’m a family medicine physician, so he talked to me on a physician’s level, which was so nice, but he also could make my husband and my dad understand what was going on. And Dr. Jaqua always made us feel as if he had all the time in the world to spend with us.”

Because Kaisa’s situation was an unforeseen emergency, she fully expected to be cared for by the doctors on call at Ridges. But early afternoon the first day, Dr. Jaqua was back and ready to take the lead in carrying out the birth plan they’d agreed upon the day before: a multi-day induction and a vaginal delivery.  Kaisa said, “We felt that our wishes and goals were just as important as his, and that our plan of care was a team decision.”

From Thursday morning to late-afternoon Friday, Kaisa labored with and without Pitocin, a labor-inducing drug, as Dr. Jaqua carefully monitored the baby’s stress level.  “He was so patient, throughout every day,” Kaisa said. “He checked in with us multiple times to go over the plan and my progress. We knew he was keeping track of us, despite his busy clinic schedule. He could easily have left my care to the on-call obstetrician, but he went above and beyond for us.”

Forty-nine hours after Kaisa checked into the hospital, Dr. Jaqua and Kaisa delivered a healthy baby girl, Elina. “It was absolutely amazing,” says Kaisa. “And now we can’t stop ourselves from telling everyone how wonderful Dr. Jaqua was. We are forever grateful to him — for his ability to remain calm, and his patience and dedication while we waited for our little girl to arrive. Thank you for everything, Dr. Jaqua!”

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