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To schedule an appointment, please call our office. An ultrasound is an effective method your provider may use to further understand and evaluate: Uterine and ovarian anatomy – requires a full bladder Unexplained pain or bleeding – requires a full bladder IUD location – empty bladder Follicular monitoring for infertility – empty bladder Pelvic structures


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Classes taught at Southdale ObGyn are exclusively for our patients. In preparation for labor, delivery and beyond, our classes focus on the education of our patients and the shared philosophy of our providers. These classes are known to establish long lasting friendships and relationships for mother, father and family. Back to Services We have a

Urinary Incontinence

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The caring staff at Southdale ObGyn is knowledgeable and sensitive to the different bladder problems women experience. One diagnostic tool used is urodynamics, a study that assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine. Schedule an AppointmentWhat is Urodynamics Testing? Urodynamic tests help a doctor see how well the

Bone Density

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Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and can break more easily. Breaking a bone is serious, especially when you’re older. Some women with osteoporosis lose height and become shorter, and it can affect posture, causing a stoop or hunch. This happens when the bones of the spine, called vertebrae, begin to break

Certified Nurse Midwives

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From teen years through menopause, we know that women want and need choices, especially when it comes to childbirth. Jana and Nicole are here to meet those needs.

Primary Care

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Many women choose to use us as their primary care provider. We offer services including routine physicals, laboratory screening, vaccines, ultrasounds and bone density scans.  We also order mammograms and colonoscopies. Women with complicated medical issues may need to see a specialist.  We will work with you to coordinate care with other physicians. As specialists for