Charlotte Chiang, CNM

charlotte chiang certified nurse midwife
“If you want to have the best experience through pregnancy, you have to take time to do the work to prepare for it. As a midwife, I hope I can educate my patients to make the time leading up to childbirth more enjoyable, as well as labor and delivery. I hope my patients will see

Jana Flesher, CNM

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Biography/Personal Interests When Jana Flesher’s mother first heard of her daughter’s plan to become a midwife, she laughed and said: “I’m not surprised!”  At age three, Jana had been fascinated by the NOVA documentary The Miracle of Life.  “I guess my face was about three inches from the TV screen during the birth scene,” says Flesher.  A

Nicole Dishong, CNM

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Biography/Personal Interests “Birth has been my passion for the past 20 years,” says midwife Niki Dishong. “I really love what I do.” Dishong’s journey to midwifery began in college, when she studied goddess-based, matriarchal religions. “The goddess was in charge of life and death,” she says, “and the birth aspect was so interesting to me.