Lindsay Lewis, MD

“I want to establish an open and trusting environment for my patients—no concern is too small,” says Dr. Lindsay Lewis. Of course, she also remembers being a 15-year-old. “I would not have been comfortable talking about women’s health issues – even with my doctor. Now I realize, our doctors are not going to judge you

Annalise Almdale, MD

"There is an overarching trust between a doctor and a patient. There has to be," says Dr. Almdale. "Because if there isn't trust and a relationship, it won't be very fruitful. I feel lucky to have patients trust me. I know a gynecological visit is not something people look forward to. So, if I can

Amanda G. Huepfel, MD

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“After taking a high school physiology class where I was fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, I knew that I wanted to become a physician, says Dr. Amanda Huepfel. “When I delivered a baby for the first time, it was a life-changing experience. At that moment I knew I wanted to specialize in

Evelyn J. Torres-Dedeker, MD

Prenatal care

Biography/Personal Interests Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Torres knew even as a teenager that she wanted to become a doctor. “I am very fortunate to have been raised in a family of strong, positive, caring women,” she says. “And both of my parents gave me the message, early on, that a woman could

Anne M. Meschke, MD

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Biography/Personal Interests “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a doctor,” says Dr.Anne Meschke. She first thought she wanted to be in pediatrics, but changed her mind after her ob/gyn rotation in medical school. “I found that I just loved taking care of women,” she says. “And that’s what I still

Leigh B. Koidahl, MD

certified nurse midwife
Biography/Personal Interests Twelve-year-old Leigh Koidahl didn't sleep in on Saturday mornings. She was in the car, her dad at the wheel, making the hour-long drive from Marine on St. Croix to her volunteer job at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. "My Grandma Alice was a breast cancer survivor and an Abbott volunteer, and she inspired me

Jonathon D. Jaqua, DO

clinic for women
(What is a D.O.?) I’m easy to talk to, kind, hard-working, patient, and calm, says Dr. Jonathon Jaqua. “I’m also constantly learning because I believe that to be a good doctor, you need to know what you know, and what you don’t know. You need that insight to continue to improve and grow in the

Deborah A. Davenport, MD

Gyn ultrasounds

Biography/Personal Interests When it came time to choose a major in college, Dr. Deb Davenport wrote “pre med” on the form. “That’s the first I remember deciding to be a doctor,” she says. “I didn’t really have an ‘Aha!’ moment. But I did grow up in a medical family; my dad was a physician, and

Rachel A. Harris, MD

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Biography/Personal Interests What Dr. Rachel Harris loved about volleyball, the sport she played in college, is what she loves about Southdale ObGyn today. “I loved how coordinated the sport is … the energy of the game … but most of all, I loved the teamwork,” she says. “I wanted to work at a family- and

David L. Curran, MD

gynecology doctors

Biography/Personal Interests “The joke about me is: I used to be a pitcher—and now I’m a catcher!” says Dr. David Curran with a grin. In the late 1970s, right out of college, Curran pitched in the Milwaukee Brewers’ minor-league system for two and a half seasons before being sidelined with an elbow injury. Dr. Curran