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Rev Up Your Sex Life with MonaLisa TouchⓇ

Mar 14, 2024
Rev Up Your Sex Life with MonaLisa TouchⓇ
Don’t give up hope if sex has become a literal pain. The discomfort is due to decreased estrogen production at this stage of life. Here’s how an innovative treatment can reignite the connection between you and your partner.

Now that you’ve been through menopause, how’s your sex life? If the answer is “Not so great,” don’t blame yourself or your partner — normal changes accompanying menopause are the likely culprits.

Don’t give up hope on stoking the fading embers of your relationship. There’s a treatment that can help bring back the great connection you remember having with your partner. 

The extraordinary team of providers at Southdale ObGyn listens and cares about whatever challenge you may be experiencing due to menopause — a significant transition in every woman’s life. We create treatment plans tailored to your needs and focus on creating a relationship with you centered on trust.

Why is sex painful for me now?

When you go through menopause, your ovaries stop producing estrogen, which has diverse effects, including hot flashes, sleep issues, weight gain, and even problems focusing.

This reduction in estrogen also causes your vaginal tissues to thin, and you may experience vaginal dryness, which makes sex downright painful. You might also notice an overall decrease in your sex drive.

An innovative treatment that revitalizes your sex life

We know that it’s tough to deal with as a couple if you’re having trouble getting in sync sexually. Your Southdale ObGyn provider can offer an advanced laser treatment called MonaLisa Touch  that women love because it’s:

  • Noninvasive
  • Comfortable
  • Brief — treatments typically take under five minutes
  • Successful at restoring vaginal resilience
  • Helpful with increasing vaginal tightness

The ease of MonaLisa Touch treatment appeals to women. During just a short office visit to Southdale ObGyn, your provider uses an anatomically compatible wand to deliver laser energy pulses to your vaginal walls gently and comfortably while you’re seated. You may feel warmth during treatment but not pain or discomfort. 

After your treatment, some spotting, discharge, and a slight burning sensation when urinating are normal. Over-the-counter pain medications can help relieve any discomfort. You should also refrain from having sex for a minimum of two days after treatment with MonaLisa Touch. This way, your body has the opportunity to heal. 

MonaLisa Touch treatment signals to your body that it should go into healing mode, and as a result — thanks to the production of new tissue — your vaginal tissues become thicker, you notice vaginal lubrication is now possible, and you experience heightened sensitivity — all boons to your ability to have comfortable, satisfying intercourse.

Menopausal women aren’t the only ones who experience the effects of lower estrogen production. Women who have had their ovaries removed or are undergoing some types of chemotherapy can also get relief from MonaLisa Touch treatment. 

MonaLisa Touch provides relief from other uncomfortable challenges in addition to vaginal dryness and thinned tissues, including problems that cause burning when you urinate, vaginal itching, and incontinence. 

Your Southdale ObGyn provider recommends what they feel is the best course of treatment for you, but many women receive a series of three treatments over about 18 weeks. After that, you only need a once-yearly maintenance treatment, which we can do when you visit us for your annual wellness visit

The best part of long-lasting MonaLisa Touch treatment? Many patients notice immediate results, and they get better over time. Our patients frequently share with us how much their intimacy with their partners has gone from ho-hum to honeymoon level, thanks to MonaLisa Touch!

Call our Southdale ObGyn offices in Edina or Burnsville to schedule an appointment to learn more about the revolutionary MonaLisa Touch treatment, or book one online