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Opal Products: Cool Products for Hot Women

Feb 27, 2021
Opal Products: Cool products for hot women
Women’s bodies experience many stages of change throughout life. As women enter perimenopause, they experience symptoms that can make normal routines feel more difficult and uncomfortable.

Women’s bodies experience many stages of change throughout life. As women enter perimenopause, they experience symptoms that can make normal routines feel more difficult and uncomfortable. Even the act of sleeping can be a struggle when the body is undergoing this change. Women can also share these struggles while breastfeeding and participating in athletics. With a natural, cold therapy treatment Opal wants to help make these transitions easier.

What is Opal?

With products to serve a wide range of women, Opal is on a mission to provide symptom relief. Their cool therapy products are designed to reduce hot flashes and night sweats among other common symptoms of perimenopause. 

The opal gemstone gives strength to anyone wearing it, and these products are meant to do the same. Women using Opal products have the opportunity to take back control of their lives. Tammy Lee, CEO and founder of Opal, states, “Opal was created for you — and all women — to take back our power, reclaim our self-worth…. For every stage of life, but especially during our time of transition, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience.” 

How do Opal products work?

Opal products have options for women struggling with hot flashes, migraines, night sweats and other symptoms due to menopause, breastfeeding or even athletics. These products use cool therapy to relieve pain by pulling heat away from injured areas. Unlike common ice packs, Opal products can be worn directly on the skin or over light clothing. The optimal temperature for these products, 58 degrees, is maintained for one hour. Cooling therapy is a non-invasive way to treat symptoms without medication. The design of Opal products allows women to use this treatment in places that are very receptive to cold therapy such as the upper back and neck area, between the shoulders. 

Decreasing estrogen levels affect the normal regulation of brown adipose tissue activity, also known as brown fat. Brown fat differs from other body fat because it is activated when you get cold. When activated, it helps maintain your body temperature. The dramatic changes in hormone production levels for perimenopausal women impacts brown fat’s functions. This leads to core body temperature fluctuations and hot flashes. 

What products does Opal offer & how do I use them?

Opal has multiple products for targeted cold therapy. Their products are available in the places on a woman’s body that are most receptive to this treatment. For women wanting to target their upper back and neck area, they have cool wraps in two models. Opal Cool Wrap Go sits across your upper back and wraps to connect on your chest. It is specifically formulated to 80 degrees and does not require refrigeration. It re-cools for use at room temperature. Opal Cool Wrap Chill looks similar to the Opal Cool Wrap Go but differs in temperature. This wrap is formulated to 58 degrees and must be recharged in the refrigerator or freezer for 30 minutes after use. 

For lower back and hip pain, cramps and fevers, the Opal Cool One is your answer. This wearable product can be placed in your desired spot around your midsection and adjusted to your body. Similar to the Opal Cool Wrap Chill, this product must be recharged in the refrigerator or freezer after use. 

If you’re looking to relieve pain in your breasts, Opal offers cooling bra inserts. The Gal Pals Chill Set is designed to draw heat away from your chest area. To use them, just refrigerate before use and place them inside your bra. The Gal Pals Go Set is made for use on the go. They don’t require refrigeration between uses and can provide cool comfort for up to 30 minutes. The formulated phase change material in this set is cooled to 80 degree. 

Southdale ObGyn prioritizes the health of all of our clients and wants to help women find relief for perimenopause symptoms. If you’d like to try an Opal Cool product, fill out the form to receive by email a code for 20 percent off your order. Discuss with your healthcare provider if cold therapy treatment could help your transition and which product may be best for you.

Opal Products: Cool products for hot women