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3 Reasons Why You May Miss Your Period on Birth Control

Jul 07, 2023
3 Reasons Why You May Miss Your Period on Birth Control
Missing a period when you’re not trying to become pregnant is a cause for concern, but did you know that you can miss your period yet not be pregnant — even while using birth control? Here’s why.

A missed period is a classic sign of pregnancy, but it can also happen when you’re not pregnant and even while using birth control. Women today are fortunate to have many safe and effective birth control choices, but they don’t exempt you from occasional missed periods and the concern that symptom causes.

The attentive and caring provider team at Southdale OB/GYN works with you to find the best birth control option that considers your health, lifestyle, and other important factors. We’re also eager to answer your questions, like how you could miss a menstrual cycle even though you’re not pregnant. Our relationships with Fairview Southdale Hospital and Fairview Ridges Hospital also offer you the convenience of extended and specialty care whenever necessary.

3 possible reasons for a missed period while on birth control

While no method of birth control is 100% effective, some, like the birth control pill and intrauterine devices, are over 90% effective. The effectiveness of birth control methods depends on using them correctly. The effectiveness of the birth control pill is optimal if taken as directed but less if you take it late. To learn more about your birth control options, view our video

Other factors can also contribute to missed periods, even when using birth control. Three common reasons you may miss your period are:

1. Extremes diet and exercise

Both insufficient calories and overexercising can cause irregular or missed periods. Overexercising can lead to a hormonal imbalance, while cutting your food intake too drastically may prevent your body from producing the hormones you need to ovulate.

2. Period issues often accompany birth control use

Since oral contraception is a hormonal type of birth control, it can impact your period. Certain types of birth control pills can lead to period irregularity or missing a period, and a type of oral contraception known as the “seasonal pill” causes users to have only four periods per year. 

If your Southdale OB/GYN provider prescribes a new pill for you, your body will need to adjust, which may mean a missed period. 

3. High stress levels

No one can escape stress — from juggling family responsibilities to meeting work deadlines, stress can take a toll on many aspects of your health, from your rest to your digestive health. 

Stress can also affect your cycle and cause you to miss a period entirely, or it can change when you have your period by shortening or extending your cycle.

Of course, any time you miss a period while not trying to get pregnant, it’s a good thing to contact us, so we can discuss the possible reasons you may have missed your period and talk to you about getting tested to ease your mind. 

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