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Do You Still Need Birth Control During Perimenopause?

Entering perimenopause comes with many changes but does one of those have to be your birth control? When asked if perimenopausal women still need birth control Southdale ObGyn’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine/Holistic Health Practitioner, Krista Margolis, says “Absolutely!” Women are still ovulating through perimenopause until they fully reach menopause.  

Learn more about birth control during perimenopause and the reasons why you still need it: 

For pregnancy prevention

Women still need birth control as they enter perimenopause for a number of reasons. For women that are looking to prevent pregnancy, birth control during perimenopause is even more essential. Due to the declining hormone levels in your body, ovulation is more irregular during perimenopause. This can make it more difficult to predict pregnancy. An effective birth control treatment can help pregnancy prevention during this irregular time. 

For symptom relief 

You’ve probably heard that perimenopause comes with some not-so-fun symptoms like irregular bleeding, sleep problems, mood swings, acne and weight gain. Finding the correct birth control treatment can help stabilize hormonal fluctuations and provide relief for some of those symptoms. Women have multiple options for birth control methods, and your healthcare provider can help find the right one for you. 

How is birth control during perimenopause different than before perimenopause 

Birth control during perimenopause works the same as before perimenopause. The only difference may be the reason for going on it as it may provide benefits that some women don’t need when they’re not in perimenopause. It’s still important to meet with your healthcare provider to go over your family and personal medical history. 

Not all changes can be avoided as you enter perimenopause, but you can count on your birth control remaining consistent if you choose. For women that were on birth control before perimenopause and women that are interested in starting birth control for the symptom relief it can provide, talk to your healthcare provider. Southdale ObGyn’s experienced providers will help you find the best birth control method for your perimenopause experience. Between managing pregnancy prevention and offering relief for symptoms, perimenopausal women still need birth control until they are fully into menopause.

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