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The Next Step in Life: A Perimenopause Workshop

The term perimenopause refers to the years leading up to the last menstrual period.  Krista Margolis, one of Southdale ObGyn’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners and Functional Medicine/Holistic health practitioner, leads the Perimenopause Workshop and will guide you in understanding what is changing in your body during perimenopause, offer support and respect and suggest ways to help you through this very natural process.

Women in perimenopause often notice the following changes:

  • skin changes/acne
  • weight changes
  • mood swings
  • changes in their menstrual cycle
  • sleep issues
  • changes in their libido

We will discuss ways to create your ideal path through this time of change, including Western Medicine, such as hormone utilization, bone density, and heart health. We will combine that with complementary modalities from meditation to acupuncture to herbs, and a discussion on stress reduction and diet.

Join Krista and other women in this safe, nurturing environment and learn ways to navigate this important time in your life. By understanding and making the most out of the menopausal transition, you can create a healthy body that will take you into some of the best years of your life!

We received some amazing feedback from the first class on March 14! See full details about The Workshop.