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Be Well with Twin Cities Live: All About Perimenopause

Perimenopause is defined as the years when a woman’s hormones begin to fluctuate, causing hormonal “surges and valleys” and with that, a whole lot of potential symptoms. These symptoms can be managed both naturally and with the help of your healthcare provider. Dr. Annelise Skor Swigert answers common questions about perimenopause.

Be Well Recap

  • All About Perimenopause
    • Your symptoms are REAL! You know your body best, and if you think something’s going on, it probably is.
    • Testing hormone levels for perimenopause isn’t advised because the surges and valleys make it difficult to get an accurate reading. Your hormones may be stable in the morning and take a drastic dip later in the afternoon.
    • Taking hormones during perimenopause may help to stabilize your levels, but hormones aren’t safe for everyone. Your healthcare provider will make the appropriate determination with you.
    • Weight gain and weight redistribution are common during perimenopause, and not easily fixed by taking hormones. Your provider can give you some personalized tips to manage your weight during perimenopause, but it’s important to know you’re not alone, and loving the body you’re in is important too.
    • Natural ways to manage perimenopause symptoms include living a healthy lifestyle: eating healthy foods, getting exercise (even a daily 20-minute walk counts!) and getting enough sleep.
    • Natural, over-the-counter supplements may help manage your symptoms as well.
    • If you feel like your perimenopause symptoms are a struggle to deal with, or if you think something else could be happening instead, see your healthcare provider. Staying up on your cancer screenings during this time is important.

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