Patient Stories

The Birth of a Friendship

“Over the years, we have laughed, cried, celebrated, and supported each other. We want to thank Southdale ObGyn for bringing us together!”

You Have Two Moms Who Love You

"I want other families to know there is more than one way to make a family, whether that is fostering, adoption, surrogacy ... There are so many ways to do it. Our willingness to be OK with that allowed us to adjust and keep going. You have to be willing to be flexible and stay positive.”

High-Risk Pregnancy at 45 Leads to Lifelong Gratitude

Rindy Utz describes her daughter’s birth as “A Christmas miracle movie on the Hallmark Channel.” All the elements of a made for TV movie were there, including a medical emergency that led to an early delivery. At age 39, Rindy Utz was told that she wasn’t able to have children, so a positive pregnancy test

You Can Do This

"I always liked Jana a lot in person, but I LOVED her in the delivery room."