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Why Dancing That Baby Out Might Actually Work!

As you come to the end of your pregnancy, you might be willing to do just about anything to induce labor and get that baby out! After reading up on old wives tales, you might find chomping on your third bowl of pineapple, while your significant other whips up a batch of hot wings and raspberry leaf tea. It also might mean putting on your favorite dancing tune and literally dancing that baby out of you — and we can definitely get on board with this method!

While there isn’t any research backed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that says these old wives tales can induce labor, there is one that has proven to help once you’re in labor: dancing. Here’s why:

Gravity is working in your favor.

Ah yes, gravity: the somewhat obvious answer, right? It makes sense that it’s easier for the baby to come out when we’re standing up and letting the weight of the world around us help your baby come into the world. (I mean, have you ever tried to go to the bathroom while laying down? The same theory works here!)

It opens your pelvis.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends squatting during labor, as it can open your pelvic outlet an extra ten percent and cut down on the time you’re in labor by eleven minutes. 

It takes your mind off the pain.

Some research suggests that certain dance moves can actually quell the pain. And even if it doesn’t trump the pain of the contractions entirely, the fun of getting your groove on can certainly take your mind off things!

It can speed up dilation.

Research suggests that when you are up and moving about, you’re adding extra pressure to your cervix, which can aid in dilation — which in turn, speeds up the process!

What dance moves help?

When we say “dance moves” we’re certainly not referring to the electric slide or cupid shuffle — we’re talking about dance moves that open your hips. Squats will help move the process along the fastest — and if you feel like your legs can’t muster another movement, hop on a yoga ball and bounce. It has all the same great effects!

Always check with your healthcare provider on what is safe for you and your baby. Once given the okay, put on your favorite song and drop it low, girl.