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OB Testing

The following OB Testing may be ordered as part of your prenatal care.  Blood samples and cultures are collected and analysis is performed by an outside laboratory.

Blood testing

  1. Antibody screening, Blood type and Rh factor, CBC, Hepatitis B, HIV, Rubella,  at OB Welcome Visit  – your first prenatal visit.
  2. Syphilis screening at OB Welcome Visit (first prenatal visit) and 26-28 week visit
  3. Gestational Diabetes Screen at 26-28 week visit
  4. Cystic Fibrosis Screen (optional) at OB Welcome visit
  5. Antibody Screen and Rhogam shot if Rh Negative at 28 weeks
  6. Hemoglobin at 36 weeks


  1. Pap ,Gonorrhea and Chlamydia screening at OB Welcome Visit


  1. Culture at OB Welcome Visit


  1. 8 weeks – first trimester ultrasound
  2. 20 weeks – anatomy ultrasound


  1. Group Beta Strep – 36 week visit