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Non Invasive Prenatal Testing


Southdale ObGyn is excited to offer a new blood test to pregnant women that can detect trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) and other chromosomal abnormalities with over 99% accuracy.  It can be done as early as 10 weeks and poses no risk to the baby.  It only requires drawing a blood sample from the mom.

This innovative technology involves detecting actual fetal DNA in the mother’s blood stream. The DNA is sequenced in a lab to determine if there is an abnormal amount of chromosome 21, 13, 18 or the sex chromosomes X and Y. This test can also determine fetal gender.

There is a small chance in any pregnancy to have a baby with a chromosome problem. Certain factors can increase this risk, including advanced maternal age and personal/family history of chromosome issues.  For this reason, we are currently offering this test to women age 35 and over and  women with identified risk factors for having a  baby with a chromosomal abnormality.

This screening test can reduce unnecessary worry and help you make informed decisions about your prenatal care and managing your pregnancy.  Most insurance companies are covering at least part of the cost of this test.

If you are pregnant or considering pregnancy, ask your provider for more information.   We will be happy to discuss it with you.  You can also visit the website of the company who developed this test at

By Dr. Annelise S. Swigert, MD.