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Turn to Our Triage Nurses When You Need Advice

If you have questions or concerns but you’re not sure if you should head to our clinic, it may be time for triage. Our triage nurses are licensed registered nurses (RN’s) with specialized training in ObGyn and an average of 20 years of experience.  They can assess your symptoms for urgency, consult with one of our physicians about your questions, prompt you towards emergency care, or schedule an appointment, if you need one.  We have 3-4 triage nurses available daily and believe that availability of knowledgeable and experienced Triage staff sets our clinic apart from others and ensures our patients are getting medically appropriate advice.

It’s common for our triage nurses to speak with our new OB patients before they make their first appointment to answer questions, assess issues such as bleeding and determine whether they need an ultrasound quickly or if it can wait. A lot of our new patients are scheduled by the triage nurses, especially if they’re experiencing a problem. In fact, it would be rare for a prenatal patient to NOT speak to one of our nurses during the course of their pregnancy.

Triage nurses also manage most of the lab test results that come into the clinic.  They review the results and alert our physicians, according to level of priority.

They also help schedule appointments that are a little more complicated, such as IUD insertion. We want to make sure we have the device on hand and patients are in the right time of their cycle for placement.

The triage process is hassle-free. Patients simply dial our main phone number and the staff transfers you directly to our nurses. If there is a high volume of calls coming in at the time of your call, a message will be taken and a triage nurse will call you back as soon as possible. Please note that our call volumes are highest on Mondays, days after holidays, and first thing in the morning.

If you prefer online communication, you can send a message via our secure patient portal. Whatever form of communication you choose, all of these procedures allow patients to receive care via phone and potentially save a trip to the office, copay or an out of pocket visit.

We look forward to talking with you!