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Surviving the Holiday Season by Rachael Halvorson, registered and licensed dietitian, partnered with Southdale ObGyn Consultants

Surviving the Holiday Season

December is a month that often involves a lot of cooking and a lot of eating.  Use these tips to avoid adding any extra pounds throughout the holidays as you ring in 2015!

  1. Evaluate all of your food and beverage options. When faced with lots of different choices such as at a potluck, take a look at all of the options before dishing out your plate.  This will allow you to make a decision about what foods you choose to eat and which foods you choose to skip.
  2. Don’t try to avoid your favorite holiday treats.  Recognize that during the holiday season, you will eat foods that are not the healthiest.  Choose a small portion of your favorites and enjoy them!
  3. Keep a close eye on your portion sizes.  Holiday recipes tend to be higher in fat and calories- that is what makes them taste so good!  Choose your favorites and start with a small portion.  Savor every bite of the most decadent foods and allow your fullness to guide if you need to eat more.
  4. Bring a healthy option to potlucks.  When it is your turn to share, choose to bring something that is a lighter option.  Know that many people around you are also struggling with making good choices.  By bringing a healthier option, you are guaranteed to have one food that will help satisfy you without all of the guilt.
  5. Eat before the big party.  Avoid skipping a meal to save up on calories at the holiday get-together.  Skipping meals causes the body to hang onto calories in preparation for the next famine.  You may also get to the party so hungry that you tend to choose the foods that will be the most satisfying, which are often higher in fat and calories.

For more tips, tricks and dietitian secrets come to the Nutrition Tips and Truths class on December 11th at 6:00pm at the Edina clinic.   Class fee is $10 payable at the time of class.  Email Rachael at to register for this class.