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Mandy McKenzie shares her Southdale ObGyn Pregnancy story

For Mandy McKenzie, pregnancy has brought heartbreaking sadness and great joy. The doctors and nurses of Southdale ObGyn helped her through the stillborn birth of daughter Ella in 2010, and shared her happiness when healthy son Hudson came into the world in July of 2012.

“They were always there for me, customizing my care according to my needs, and it was the best thing for me … so important when you have a loss like ours,” says Mandy,”They’re fabulous. I love them all.”

Mandy and her husband have an especially close bond with Dr. Anne Meschke, who was with them the night they knew something was wrong with Ella, and who has continued to be there for them.

“I was frustrated when I didn’t get pregnant again right away, but Dr. Meschke always took my calls and calmed me down,” says Mandy. “Then we were so excited to be pregnant again, but it was really difficult for me, emotionally. Not knowing why we lost Ella was so frightening.”

To help allay Mandy’s fears, Dr. Meschke set up a plan of frequent office visits. “She reassured every step of the way, and basically told us we could come in whenever we wanted to. And having the nurse line gave me reassurance that I could call in whenever I felt anything out of the ordinary — and I used it a lot. The nurses knew me by name!