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Is a Midwife Right for Me?

Choosing a healthcare provider to guide you through your pregnancy and childbirth is an important — and very personal — decision. It’s vital to establish a good rapport with your provider, making it easy for you to ask questions and express concerns.

But just as important is sharing the same philosophy when it comes to issues such as support during pregnancy, labor, and birth, pain medication, and technological intervention. Women who choose to see a Certified Nurse Midwife often do so because of the CNM’s “low-tech, high-touch” approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

We encourage you to meet with one or more of our providers so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

Can anyone choose a midwife?

A midwife is especially well suited for healthy women who are at low risk for pregnancy complications and who want the following:

  • A vaginal birth (or a VBAC, vaginal birth after a previous C-section)
  • Minimal or no pain medication
  • Minimal technological intervention
  • Continuous support throughout labor and delivery

Don’t fit all of the above?

You can still see a midwife at Southdale Ob/Gyn! Our midwives can order tests, prescribe drugs (including pain medication), and perform epidurals. They are supported by our team of obstetricians/gynecologists, so it’s possible for a midwife to monitor a high-risk pregnancy in conjunction with a physician.

Do I have to see a midwife from the beginning of my pregnancy?

No. You may choose to see a midwife at any time: before you become pregnant, at the beginning of your pregnancy, or anytime during your prenatal care.


How might my pregnancy and birth experience be different with a midwife?

Depending on your situation and wishes, your CNM will …

  • ·Provide in-depth prenatal counseling that focuses on nutrition, exercise, emotions, parenting, and more.
  • Encourage a medication-free delivery (utilizing other pain-relieving strategies such as massage, showers, and different positions).
  • Use intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring, which allows greater freedom of movement.
  • Provide one-on-one support throughout labor and delivery.

What if I have complications or need a C-section?

Our midwives deliver babies at Fairview Southdale Hospital and are supported by our team of physicians. If unexpected complications arise, consultation and quick-response treatment are immediately available.