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What is a Certified Nurse Midwife?

Many Southdale ObGyn patients ask, “What exactly is a nurse midwife?” The definition is quite fitting. Midwife comes from the old English ‘mid’ and ‘wife’ meaning “with woman.” Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM’s) care for women of all ages. In addition to specializing in pregnancy and birth, they see patients for annual exams, birth control counseling, menopause, and more. A CNM holds a master’s degree in nursing and can be your primary care provider while collaborating with the entire healthcare team. They take up-to-date evidence and integrate it with each patient’s physical, emotional, and cultural needs.

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What does it mean to have midwifery care during pregnancy?

A midwife cares for women from the beginning of pregnancy through the postpartum period. They see pregnancy and birth as “normal” life events and strive to provide education and care that uniquely suits the needs of each family. Many patients enjoy the continuity of care they receive from our team of three midwives.

What does it mean to have midwifery care during labor and birth?

Midwives are experts in providing support during labor. In addition to hands-on care, they help women choose coping methods. Midwives are skilled in low-intervention births, but also are happy to provide care for women who desire an epidural during labor. Midwives remain present for baby’s delivery. If concerns arise, our midwives consult with one of our physicians to make the best decision for both mom and baby’s health. If a cesarean section is needed, the physician will perform the surgery.

What does it mean to have midwifery care when I am not pregnant?

Nurse midwives are trained to provide comprehensive gynecological and preventative care for women across the lifespan, from annual physicals to birth control, menopause and beyond. Our midwives take joy in seeing patients year after year!