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Dr. Leigh Koidahl – “10 Ways to Make Your Childbirth Easier”

“Your baby’s journey out isn’t entirely under your control, but being prepared can help.”
By Dr. Leigh Koidahl

The above statement comes from a US News article recently shared on Facebook by The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists titled “10 Ways to Make Your Childbirth Easier.”  Rather than providing a “how to” list of easing childbirth, this article outlines some basic concepts, such as clear communication and flexibility, which are important to keep in mind when thinking about and planning for the overall childbirth experience. We at Southdale ObGyn thought this article might help start a conversation between our patients and our providers about preferences and goals.  We understand that no single technique or method is going to work for every patient under every circumstance; rather we aim to care for our patients as individuals and help them to have the best childbirth experiences possible.    We welcome the conversation and your questions!

“10 Ways to Make Your Childbirth Easier”

  1. Find a provider you trust
  2. Tell it to them straight
  3. Don’t eat for two
  4. Gather your cheering squad
  5. Set the scene
  6. Don’t rush
  7. Move it
  8. Ask for a peanut ball (exercise ball shaped like a peanut)
  9. Be in the know
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Click here to read entire article.