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Flu Shot Myths and Facts

There are steps you can take to protect yourself from the flu, but flu vaccine myths can be confusing when trying to decide whether to get the shot. Here are five common myths according to the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control.

Not True:

  1. The shot can give you flu
  2. It is better to get the vaccine later in the season to limit the risk that its efficacy will wane
  3. The flu shot might adversely affect my pregnancy
  4. I’ve had the flu before and it was no big deal, so it won’t be a problem to get it again
  5. The flu shot doesn’t work

Here are the facts on the flu shot:

  1. The shot will NOT give you the flu, but you can still get a cold because the flu shot doesn’t protect against the common cold
  2. You should get the flu shot as soon as it becomes available, in October if possible
  3. The flu shot is safe at any time during pregnancy and has been given safely to millions of pregnant women. It can also protect a baby for up to 6 months after birth
  4. Different strains of flu replace the older ones, so every flu season is different
  5. The flu vaccine can keep you from getting sick with flu and is especially important for people with chronic health conditions

Click the quick link below to read ACOG’s guidelines for flu vaccines during pregnancy.

Flu Shots