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Shouldn’t Sex Feel Good?

Have you been trying to experience pleasure, but all you get is pain? You are not alone! Painful sex, also known as dyspareunia is very common, affecting most women at some point in their lives.  You may be tempted to ignore the issue or are embarrassed by it, but don’t. Pain is the body’s signal that something isn’t right. Occasional pain can be normal but if the pain is severe, persistent or recurrent, it can indicate an underlying gynecologic problem and a doctor’s visit is necessary.

For most women, occasional pain during sex may be caused by lack of lubrication, positional changes, relationship issues or hormonal changes.  But the pain can signal more serious problems for example, an ovarian cyst or vaginal infections.

If you experience painful sex, please make an appointment with your provider to address the cause, rule out gynecologic conditions and find a treatment plan. There are many options that may fit your needs, such as the MonaLisa Touch®. A fast, simple and safe laser treatment that takes less than 5 minutes. Remember we are here to help you find solutions, make you feel comfortable and get to the root of the issues.

For more information, please visit ACOG: When-Sex-Is-Painful.

Written by Judith Stark, MD