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COVID-19 Updates for Labor & Delivery

Along with our hospital partners at M Health Fairview Ridges and M Health Fairview Southdale, our top priority is your safety.  The hospitals have released the following updates regarding COVID-19.

New!  Starting Monday, January 17th, 2022, the hospitals will be limiting visitors again.  Laboring patients can have one, adult visitor plus a professional doula.  Adult inpatients (antepartum, gyn, etc) are allowed 1 adult visitor and NICU are allowed 2 adult visitors.  All visitors must be consistent, meaning no switching out.

Also starting January 17th, 2022,  hospital visitors must wear a medical grade mask.  If you don’t have one, the hospital will provide one for you. This means anyone entering wearing a cloth mask, gaiter, bandana, or mask with exhalation valve will be given a new mask to wear over or to replace their current mask.

Take a virtual tour of M Health Fairview Southdale here!  M Health Fairview Ridges virtual tour coming soon.

An Update from M Health Fairview Birthplaces 4/29/20

We're here to care for you and your baby

Amidst a recent announcement M Health Fairview is implementing a cohorting plan that centralizes COVID-19 patients at three different hospitals within their system, including Fairview Southdale, care for moms and newborns at all M Health Fairview Hospitals remains safe and uninterrupted.  The wonderful nursing staff, your obstetric provider, and our anesthesia colleagues are here to care for you and your baby.

“Pregnancy and delivery care at all M Health Fairview Birthplaces is safe for women, their partners, and their babies,” said Medical Director of Community Birthplaces Laura France, MD.  Staff and patients have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed, and Birthplace teams have developed new standards to limit COVID-19 exposure, including universal masking, visitor restrictions, and universal COVID-19 testing for admitted patients.

To ensure that you and your baby have the safest birthing experience possible, our care teams have implemented the following precautions at The Birthplace at M Health Fairview Southale:

  • A separate Birthplace entrance just for moms and families
  • Two-step COVID-19 symptom and temperature screening upon arrival for all patients and visitors
  • Universal COVID-19 testing for all admitted patients
  • Universal masking for all nurses, doctors, and other care providers
  • Enhanced visitor restrictions limiting patients to one visitor age 18 or older
  • A separate, dedicated care area for moms diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19

“We have you covered during every step of your journey with us,” said Shannon Blaisdell, director of nursing at M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital. “The experience will largely stay the same for our families. The biggest change they’ll see is that our doctors and nurses are wearing masks.”

All of the services and amenities that were available for women and their families prior to the COVID-19 pandemic are still available. This includes:

  • Therapeutic labor techniques such as hydrotherapy tubs, birthing balls, peanut balls, squatting bars, essential oils and inhalers, birth slings, and fetal monitoring with Bluetooth technology.
  • Certified nurse midwives, obstetricians, and nurses
  • A spectrum of pain relief options, including tap blocks and epidurals
  • Help with breast feeding by trained nurses or certified lactation consultants
  • Private rooms with free WiFi to allow you to share your news with loved ones
  • level III NICU for newborns who need extra care after birth.

Read the full blog story from M Health Fairview here.  For more information, feel free to contact your provider. We look forward to caring for you.

An update from M Health Fairview Birthplaces

updated 6/24/20


We are excited to help you grow and expand your family.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking to limit the amount of people and items coming and going from the hospital.  Please be aware of a few changes that will impact your stay with us:

  1. Parking:
    • At M-Health Fairview Southdale: Please park in the East Ramp and enter the hospital through door #6. You will look for the pink “Birthplace Entrance” signs.
    • At M-Health Fairview Ridges: Please part in the front of the hospital (not the emergency department entrance) and enter the hospital through the main entrance located on the north side.  You will look for the “Birthplace Entrance” signs.  This door will lock after 830pm.  Please call 952-892-2055 if you arrive after 830pm so one our staff can let you in.
  2. Please be aware that upon your arrival, you and your support person will be screened for signs/symptoms of illness. If you are not feeling well prior to your arrival, please let your provider know before you arrive to the hospital.
  3. We ask that you limit the amount of belongings that you bring to (2) carry-on size pieces of luggage (9”x14”x22”) or (1) larger piece of luggage (11”x19”x26”). You may also bring a breastfeeding pillow.  All belongings and personal items (toiletries, etc.) should be packed into the bags for easy transport into/out of the hospital.  If you plan to pack food, we ask that it is individually wrapped and prepared ahead of time.  All items, including infant car seat and belongings should be brought into the Hospital with you upon your admission.
  4. You may have one, consistent, healthy adult visitor for the duration of your stay.  Patients can have a doula in addition to their one support person.  All support persons must wear face protection and practice social distancing at all times when hospital staff are present and remain in the patient’s room for the duration of their visit. (updated 6/26/20)
  5. Your support person will be able to order guest trays and eat with you in your room utilizing “At Your Service”. Credit card payments are accepted for guests, cash will not be accepted.  If you would prefer to order delivery, please ask drivers to take food to door #6.  Nursing staff are available to meet the driver and bring the food back to you.
  6. Your nursing staff and providers will continue to keep you updated to the ever-changing status of the pandemic and its impact to your stay. Please let us know if you have questions.


The Leadership team of M Health Fairview Southdale and M Health Fairview Ridges Birthplaces