Southdale OB/GYN is proud to offer State of the Art Ultrasound services designed to meet the unique needs of pregnancy.



Highly Trained, Caring Staff

The Southdale OB/GYN Ultrasound Department has been AIUM accredited since 2007. This certification process ensures our commitment to provide excellent patient care and high quality examinations. The AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine ) is the governing body that requires rigorous standards to be met and kept in the areas of Doctor and Sonographer qualifications, procedure performance, equipment, record keeping and quality assurance guidelines. An audit is done every three years to maintain this level of care. Through ongoing professional certification coursework, of our staff consistently exceeds national standards of care.

Our equipment features the latest developments for clinic-based sonography and has 3 and 4-D capabilities. Our physicians are credentialed in the interpretation of all ultrasound exams conducted in our clinics.

You’ll get to know our sonography staff and appreciate their 80+ years of collective experience!


We ask that you drink an 8 oz. glass of any liquid one hour prior to your visit. Your exam may be done transabdominal , transvaginal, or both. This will be determined by the Sonographer when you arrive. A full bladder is required for transabdominal imaging, and an empty bladder is required for the transvaginal exam. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BE OVER-FULL.