Prenatal Office Visits

6-8 Weeks Prenatal Education Class
The Prenatal Education Class (OB Class) is offered to all new OB patients – highly recommended for first-time parents or if you are new to our clinic. It is a two-hour class held in the evening which reviews clinic policies, testing done during pregnancy, normal pregnancy symptoms, and changes to expect with pregnancy. The class briefly discusses breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise, travel, chemical exposure, and information regarding medications. It is recommended that this class be taken before your first new OB appointment. There is no cost for this initial Prenatal Education Class.
8 Weeks First Clinic Visit
Patient health and obstetric history reviewed
Full physical exam and Pap smear performed
Routine prenatal labs drawn
Discuss genetic testing options
12 Weeks Clinic Visit
Review genetic screening options
Schedule genetic screening if desired
Start fetal heart tone checks
16 Weeks Clinic Visit
QUAD screen (second trimester genetic screen), if desired
AFP drawn if first trimester genetic screening done
Amniocentesis offered, if indicated
Anatomy ultrasound scheduled for next visit
20 Weeks Clinic Visit
Anatomy ultrasound
24 Weeks Clinic Visit
Glucose drink given for diabetes testing at 28 week visit
Hemoglobin check
Third trimester folder handed out, contains the following info:
  • Hospital Registration Form
  • Fetal Movement Record
  • Breastfeeding Information
  • Pediatrician Information
  • Postpartum Depression Information
  • Preterm Labor Information
  • Group B Strep Testing Information
28 Weeks Clinic Visit 
One hour glucose test (diabetes screening)
If blood type Rh negative, blood test and RhoGAM given
30 Weeks Clinic Visit
32 Weeks Clinic Visit
Start fetal movement record
34 Weeks Clinic Visit
36 Weeks Hemoglobin checked
Group B Strep culture done
Cervical exam
37 Weeks-Delivery Weekly Clinic Visit
Cervical exam