Nutrition Classes

                Pregnancy  & Nutrition

    Objectives include: 


  •     Understand appropriate weight gain and how to achieve it
  •     How to read and decipher a nutrition label
  •     What foods you should eat and which you should avoid
  •     Coping with common pregnancy side effects
  •     Vitamin Needs 


 Edina Classes      Burnsville Classes
 February 27th May 13th
August 28th
October 23nd



        Nutrition Tips & Truths

Objectives include: 

  •     Understand what an appropriate serving size is
  •     How to read and decipher a nutrition label
  •     Identifying behavioral eating and strategies to overcome it
  •     Defining calories and where they come from 
  •     What to eat when dining out


 Edina Classes  Burnsville Classes
April 24th
July 15th
December 11th  



      Your New Life (The Fourth Trimester)

 Objectives include:

  • Nutrition while breastfeeding
  • Choosing the right formula for your child's needs
  • Kick start weight loss


Edina Classes Burnsville Classes
March 11th June 26th
September 16th   
November 11th


                                          The Basics:
Time:  6:00 - 7:30
                                  Cost $10.00 payable via cash or check at class-time
                                  Phone Registration:  Call Rachael at (612) 419-8955
                        Email Registration:  email Rachael at

                                Online Registration:

The class is taught by Rachael Halvorson, owner of Twin Cities Nutrition Consultants, LLC.  Rachael is a registered and licensed dietitian with expertise in prenatal nutrition and holds a certificate in adult weight management.


For more information about Rachel and Twin Cities Nutrition Consultants, click here.

This class does not replace diabetes education classes