Southdale Ob/Gyn Saved My Life

“I wouldn’t have my little girl right now if it weren’t for Dr. Annelise Swigert.” says Jane Grieves. “And she helped save my life, too.”

On September 10, 2002, Grieves went to Fairview Southdale Hospital, eager to give birth to her second child. She was about to start pushing, when, without warning, her heart stopped beating. “I had an amniotic fluid embolism, which is extremely rare and has a 85 percent mortality rate,” she says.

Dr. Swigert performed an emergency C-section to save the baby, and a hysterectomy to save Jane. The Fairview team worked to get Grieves’s heart going again. Finally, several days later, after receiving 108 units of donated blood products and undergoing a second surgery, Grieves began to improve.

“I woke up feeling like an elephant had trampled over me,” she says, “but I didn’t remember a thing, not even going to the hospital that day.”

By the end of the month Jane was back at home with her husband, daughter Lindsey, and newborn daughter Lexi.

“I thank God every day that I get to be here to watch my children grow, she says. “I do believe that if I hadn’t been at Fairview Southdale, with Annelise and the other doctors there, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“I thank God every day that I get to be here to watch my children grow.”