Just Like Family

For Jennifer Lowe, Southdale Ob/Gyn is truly a family clinic. She first came for a checkup in high school, following in the footsteps of her mom and two sisters, who are still patients today. Later, when faced with the challenge of infertility, Jennifer found the support and guidance she needed to overcome the odds and start a family of her own.

At 25, Jennifer underwent laparoscopic surgery, through which Dr. Alicia Majkrzak discovered that Jennifer’s best chance of becoming pregnant would be through in vitro fertilization.

“She was honest, and so supportive and helpful,” says Jennifer. Dr. Majkrzak recommended that Jennifer and her husband go to Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates (RM&IA), which has an office in the same building as  Southdale Ob/Gyn in Edina.

Six months later, a happy Jennifer returned to Southdale Ob/Gyn, 10 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. “Dr. Majkrzak just looked at me and said, ‘WOW, that in vitro worked well!’ ” Jennifer laughs. “That was really fun.”

Dr. Majkrzak delivered Kellan and Hadley by C-section, two minutes apart. “She let my husband watch them take their first breaths, which was really special for him,” says Jennifer. “And when I brought the babies in to the clinic for a visit, everyone was so excited, so warm and welcoming … just like family.”

“When I brought the babies to the clinic, everyone was so warm and welcoming … just like family.”