I really do matter

In November of 2010, Lisa Kosobud saw Dr. Sheryl Louie for a six-week follow-up exam after the birth of her second daughter. The visit was routine; the aftermath was anything but. When Dr. Louie commented on a potentially concerning lump in Lisa’s breast — and told her to keep an eye on it — Lisa’s life changed forever.

“I had never done self-exams before,” she says, “but thanks to Dr. Louie, I suddenly realized how important they were.”

By January, Lisa noticed that the lump had grown, and she consulted a breast surgeon. On March 17, at age 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, with not one but three malignant tumors in her left breast. Eight days later, she had a bilateral mastectomy.

“My surgeon said I should feel like I had won the lottery,” she says. “We caught the cancer before it spread to my lymph nodes.”

Subsequent genetic testing revealed that Lisa was also at high risk for ovarian cancer. Lisa says Dr. Jeanne Gengerke, who had been her primary doctor throughout her two pregnancies, gave her the guidance and thorough information she needed to make the choice that was right for her: a complete hysterectomy.

“I remember Dr. Gengerke telling me she thought I was brave, and that she admired me,” says Lisa. “That really meant a lot to me — to receive that level of care and concern from my doctor. For me, what makes Southdale Ob/Gyn so special is knowing I’m not just a number there … that I really do matter.”
“My surgeon said I should feel like I won the lottery.”