• "Dr. Torres is really personable – we chat about things that have changed in my life since my last visit and the other usual questions.  She makes sure all my questions were answered, and I don't feel rushed out of the office. Overall I had a great experience. I will keep returning!"  LeeAnn G.  - January 2015
    • “Dr. Curran, the experience you helped us have was truly one of a kind and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. The superb care you provided is one the many reasons I’m proud to put my trust in such a fantastic clinic.” Becky J. – Winter 2015
    • “Dr. Louie continues to exceed my expectations. I’m grateful for her care through both of my pregnancies and deliveries. I brag about the great experiences to all my family and friends.” Anonymous - spring survey 2015
    • “Dr. Stark, Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel…You have provided such excellent care to me for many years. Most recently in these last several months. Your ever present compassion, attention to detail, support and care among many other things provided my husband and me such comfort during a difficult pregnancy.” Sarah L. – December 2014
    • “I have received quality, excellent care from everyone involved with my surgery. I have and will be spreading the word!” Elene S. – Spring 2014
    • “Considering I’m here every week for appointments, I am always impressed with how friendly everyone is! I am so grateful to Dr. Louie and Dr. Swigert for their excellent care.” Anonymous – spring survey 2015
    • “Dr. Stark, Thank you seems such a small offering in return for your gift of medicine. Your listening ear, compassion and your amazing ability to make potentially scary things light gave me hope and confidence. Gretchen L.” – June 2014
    • “Dr. Torres thank you for taking such wonderful care of “us” over the past months. Your kind words and attention in the hospital meant so much to me.” Sara -
    • “Dr. Stark, sending you a heartfelt thank you for many years of being “my OB” and my daughters “OB”. I can’t thank you enough for the attention and care you provided for my daughter. She trusts you explicitly and that matters!” Deb S. – September 2014
    • “Dr. Koidahl, Thank you so much for taking good care of me throughout my pregnancy and delivering our precious baby girl. We appreciate you staying longer to finish delivering our little peanut.” Amy L. – Spring 2014
    • “Dr. Torres, Thanks for all of the years of care. You are truly the best!” Tina D. – March 2015
    • “Dr. Stark, I want to send you a note of deep appreciation of gratitude to you for your many years of care – but especially for this past year when you helped me with my “new health concern”. You were so respectful and sensitive and I will always remember that.” Katherine B – January 2015
    • “Dr. Koidahl, we want to thank you for delivering our son. We were appreciative of having a physician like you who guided us through the induction process. Thank you for your expertise and being such a positive influence on the delivery.” Jessica B. - January 2015
    • “Dr. Torres, it was so special to have you deliver our baby! You were so supportive and gave us exactly the encouragement we needed.” Alex S.
    • “Dr. Koidahl, thank you for your exceptional care during the delivery of our daughter. We were so happy that you were on call. We are grateful that the delivery went so well and are delighted to be home with our baby.” Becca H. – March 2014
    • “Dr. Jaqua, I wanted to thank you so much for the perfect delivery of my son, in the early morning hours. It was very comforting to have your calm presence in the room with us prior to, during and after his birth. Thank you for that time and care and most importantly, safely delivering our big healthy boy!” Gretchen M. – May 2015
    • ““Thank you to all of the staff of Southdale Ob Gyn who have made this rocky road to meeting our little girl a little bit easier every day. We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous care we have received and will never be able to thank you enough.” Amanda B. Summer 2014

Patient Stories

Kaisa Schmitz

Kaisa Schmitz’s pregnancy had been completely normal. So at 39 weeks, Dr. Jon Jaqua’s words were completely unexpected...read more

Mandy McKenzie

For Mandy McKenzie, pregnancy has brought heartbreaking sadness … and great joy. The doctors and nurses of Southdale Ob/Gyn helped her through the stillborn birth of daughter Ella in 2010, and shared her happiness when healthy son Hudson came into the world in July of 2012...read more

Lisa Kosobud

In November of 2010, Lisa Kosobud saw Dr. Sheryl Louie for a six-week follow-up exam after the birth of her second daughter. The visit was routine; the aftermath was anything but. When Dr. Louie commented on a potentially concerning lump in Lisa’s breast...read more

Annette Krueger

Annette Krueger has been a Southdale Ob/Gyn patient for more than 30 years, ever since her mom, who also was a patient, brought her to the clinic at age 17. Today, she says, “I choose my insurance around being able to go there. I won’t go anywhere else.”...read more

Katy Rossi

Katy Rossi was 30 years old when she first came to see Dr. Evelyn Torres. “My experience with Dr. Torres and Southdale Ob/Gyn has been nothing but wonderful,” she says. “And that’s pretty good for 20 years!”... read more

Jane Grieves

“I wouldn’t have my little girl right now if it weren’t for Dr. Annelise Swigert.” says Jane Grieves. “And she helped save my life, too.” On September 10, 2002, Grieves went to Fairview Southdale Hospital, eager to give birth... read more

Jennifer Lowe

For Jennifer Lowe, Southdale Ob/Gyn is truly a family clinic. She first came for a checkup in high school, following in the footsteps of her mom and two sisters, who are still patients today. Later, when faced with the challenge of infertility, Jennifer found the support and guidance she needed to overcome the odds and start a family of her own... read more

Sarah Sharkey

When Sarah Sharkey was pregnant with her first daughter, she discovered that her blood was RH negative. To protect her future babies from developing life-threatening anemia while in utero, she received a RhoGAM shot... read more