Early History – Southdale Obstetric and Gynecologic Consultants, P.A.

By Thomas Carrier, M.D. (Partner from 1966 - 1998)

Dr. Thomas Carrier and his wife Anne

The practice which gave birth to Southdale Ob/Gyn was founded in the early 1950s when Dr. William B. Stromme, a Minnesota native who had been teaching at Cornell Medical School in New York City, began a solo practice with offices in the Medical Arts Building in downtown Minneapolis. His hospital affiliations at the time were primarily at Fairview (now University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview) and Northwestern (now Abbott-Northwestern). Dr. Stromme, who died in 1978 at the young age of 62, was a remarkable man as a person and was highly respected internationally in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Minnesota Care & Clinic Excellence

In addition to maintaining an extremely busy practice, he contributed numerous papers to the medical literature, co-authored 3 editions of the classic text, Operative Obstetrics, and held the rank of Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he taught several generations of medical students and residents.

What truly distinguished Dr. Stromme was his selfless dedication to his patients and to the practice of medicine - at the highest possible technical and ethical standards. He embodied a spirit of caring and compassion that left every patient feeling that she was special – and to Dr. Stromme, she was. He set the bar high and laid the foundation for this practice and for all who would follow.

In 1957, Dr. Stromme was joined by Dr. Robert W. Wagner and, in 1966, by Dr. Thomas C. Carrier, both of whom had also taken their postgraduate training at Cornell. They each continued with the practice for more than thirty years. For several years, the practice was known as Stromme, Wagner, and Carrier and in the early 1970s, officially became Southdale Obstetric and Gynecologic Consultants, P.A. In 1985, Southdale Ob/Gyn welcomed its first female partner, Dr.Jan Duquette, who paved the way for the many women who now practice with the group.  A majority of our physicians, like Dr. Duquette, are graduates of the University of Minnesota Medical School Residency Program.

A Tradition of Collaborative Care

Dr. Stromme, though he obviously treasured the one-on-one relationship with his patients, embraced the concept of group practice.  He treated all of his partners, as he did his patients, like equals. He recognized the advantages of instant second opinions; of sharing new advances in our specialty; of coverage during absence or illness by physicians who shared a common philosophy and training; and of always being able to offer care by a well-rested partner. He was a champion of continuing medical education and encouraged all of our physicians to be involved in teaching and medical affairs at the local, state or national levels.

The legacy of Dr. Bill Stromme lives in each of us who have chosen to follow here in his footsteps. With this legacy comes both the privilege and responsibility to maintain a level of care for our patients of which he would be proud.

Dr. Thomas Carrier, while retired from medical practice, is active in the advancement of women’s health issues at the University of Minnesota and its Medical Foundation.